Monday, December 9, 2013


Make a Wish Cinnamon Ornaments:

I remember over 100 years ago (lol), making these with my cousins before Yule. My granny's recipe, called for just a wee bit more ingredients than most recipes out there.
 Cinnamon Allspice, and cloves are magickal symbols of love, luck, passion, lust, wealth, protection and prosperity.
This is a great project to do with the kids, or just a lovely craft to do with your friends on a cold day, over some warm spiked apple cider or Gingerbread Martinis and lots of giggles.
I add essential oils to my recipe, so I must warn you, to please put gloves when you are ready to add the oils, because they are very strong and can cause a burning sensation on your skin. Of course, if you are doing this with the little ones, please omit this step all together. These ornaments are strictly for decoration, and they are NOT CONSUMABLE.
Make a Wish ornaments can be used all over your house, and also to make a wish during ritual. Crumble one into your cauldron when burning incense for a prosperity or wealth spell or simply make a wish.  I put them on my holiday tree, in the closets, hung them by the windows at different levels, add them to your potpourri, add to your wreaths and other crafts, add one to your gift packages, decorate a bow, etc.....
I love adding them to my Yule Log, and when we burn it on winter solstice, you can smell the lovely spices, which adds even more warmth to your celebrations. We always make wishes of good health, peace, abundance, and happiness.

Your house will smell absolutely delicious and festive. 

What you will need:

1 1/2 cup Ground Cinnamon 
1 cup Unsweetened applesauce 
1/4 cup freshly ground cloves 
1/4 cup freshly ground allspice 
1 straw to make holes or a chopstick (optional)
1 pair disposable gloves
thin color ribbon, twine or raffia (your color choice)
20 drops of Organic Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil (optional)
20 drops of Organic Clove Essential Oil (optional) 
or you can add 40 to 60 drops of Cinnamon Sticks Fragrance 
Rolling pin 
Cookie cutters 

 I like grinding my own cloves and allspice, cause it smells so good.


In a large bowl, mix all your ingredients together except the fragrance or essential oil. Mix well with your hands, till you get the consistency of cookie dough. 

Put gloves on and add the fragrance or essential oils and mix in. If it feels to wet and it's sticking to your hands, add more cinnamon,.. if to dry and you see cracks, add a little more apple sauce.

Spread some dry cinnamon powder on your counter and spread or roll out your dough to about 1/4" thick.

Using the cookie cutters, cut your shapes. Keep doing this until you have used every bit of your dough. With the straw, or a chop stick make a hole at one end of your cut-out shapes, this will be to put ribbon thru, so you can hung them.  Sometimes it's a little easier to make the hole while the cutter is still in place, for more support. 

Whatever little bits you may have left, roll them into tiny balls and coat them with the remaining cinnamon powder on your counter top. Bake them with your other shapes, and you can use these like incense or toss them in your fireplace for good luck.

Place them on a drying rack (in a warm place) and allow them to dry for at least 3 days. Test them and make sure they are nice and dry. Now you can loop your ribbon, raffia, yarn or even twine, and start decorating till your hearts content, or put them in cellophane bags to give as gifts.
A second option for drying them, is to put them in a preheated oven at 200º for about 1 hr. and 15 minutes. Cool completely before adding your ribbon. The reason why I like to air dry them is because they don't shrink or crack as much, but during winter it's better to use the oven method.

Once they have cooled completely, string raffia, or ribbon thru the hole and decorate them as you wish.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Using preservatives in your home-made products

The Truth about NATURAL Preservatives 

in your home-made products
Consumer Beware

When attempting to make creams, lotions & body butters, it is wise to read a little about it. It is so much fun to achieve something that you've made yourself, and to share with your family and friends, but please be safe and smart about it. Do I make my own?? absolutely, some without the preservatives, which I keep refrigerated and the ones I sell, that have the appropriate preservatives for your safety.
I have seen so many Youtube videos and recipes that are being passed around FB, that are truly spine chilling. Sometimes I will comment, and sometimes I feel like it's a lost battle and not my place to do so. 
Some of these recipes seam to be wonderful and yummy, but please know, that if you don't use some kind of preservative or keep it refrigerated for the life of the lotion, (which is not long) it will grow harmful bacteria, mold, yeast and fungi over a short time frame. 
Using a contaminated product, could cause severe health problems, even blindness. 

Any recipe that contains water, teas, milk, hydrosols or other liquids containing "ONE drop" of water, must be properly preserved to prevent contamination and microbial growth. Contrary to peoples believes, Vitamin "E", Rosemary Oil Extract, and others are "NOT" a natural preservative, they are an antioxidant, that may extend the shelf life of the product by a few days.  Using Essential Oils as preservatives is probably the most natural form of antimicrobials you will find, but these would have to be used in very high levels, which in turn, would not be safe for the skin either. Some of the Essential Oils I like using to bring the percentages of preservatives down, are, clove, eucalyptus, caraway, lemon, rose, rosemary, sage, cinnamon, patchouli, frankincense, lavender, cumin, sandalwood, and thyme. 
Anyone that knows me, knows that I am huge on "NATURAL & ORGANIC" and I don't believe in harmful cancer causing chemicals, but,... there's also other ways to keep it healthy and natural using what mama earth gives us and even like this, you would still have to use some kind of preservative. If not using the preservative, keeping it refrigerated is very helpful and you must use a sterilized scoop or little spoon to get the product out, so the oils in your hands don't contaminate the rest, in other words, NEVER double dip. 
Either way, my point to this article is, that making your own is still a very smart idea, not only because you can save a ton of money, but anything is healthier than the large amount of unhealthy and unsafe, cancer causing chemicals, the large manufacturers use. Same goes for soap.
I know, it sound discouraging, but my intention is only to educate you a little bit so your skin doesn't pay the ugly price.  Also, if you are going to be selling it, make sure you have the correct ratios and percentages added to the recipe, because you don't want ugly mold growing in what you've sold.

If you need a supplier and more instructions on how to achieve a successful product, these are a few places to get started,  “Soap Queen” , “Bramble Berry” and “Mountain Rose Herbs”. If you are looking for any kind of "ORGANIC" herbs in smaller amounts (Also resins) please feel free to contact me at:
There are 1000's if not more, of reliable sources and websites where you could become more knowledgeable and learn different recipes, but please DO NOT neglect learning extensively if you will be “teaching” or selling your products. Remember, baby steps and safety first. Above all, don't be fooled by people posting unsafe instructions on the web or Facebook.  
One of my favorites I found, was about this lady on Youtube (and all over FB), that claimed to be making essential oils in her kitchen, by cutting flowers from her garden and pretty much frying them in Grapeseed oil over her stove. What I think she was trying to achieve, was to "INFUSE" the oils, which is night and day from making an essential oil, and even if that was the case, she had no clue what she was doing. The sad thing is, that thousands of people responded to her, and are buying her products, which (to my understanding) have high levels of bacteria and mold, yet the consumer has no idea, why they have developed onset acne, allergies and other health problems,....hummmm, I wonder why! And why is she not being regulated????
Oh, yes ....please always label and date your products. :)
I can go on, and on but I will stop for now and hope this helps. 

Written by D.B.Hasty
Holistic Practitioner
Clinical Aromatherapist
and a few more things, lol

Here’s a little more information about those “Natural Preservatives”, that people claim to be natural, if you would like to read up on it. The information below was obtain from different books, websites and also from a web site named Treasure Locks. These only EXTEND the life not PRESERVE.

Alternative Natural Preservative #1- The Truth About Grapefruit Seed Extract 
“Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) is an all natural preservative”

There are rumors all over the web that Grapefruit Seed Extract works as a natural preservative. Oh, we wish these were true.  We even considered using it in our products. However, the sad truth is GSE is not an all natural preservative.  GSE is no more natural than parabens. Grapefruit seed extract is not grapefruit juice. It is not simply ground up grapefruit seeds. It is not grapefruit essential oil. Chemical manufacturers take the leftover grapefruit pulp, a waste by-product from grapefruit juice production, and in an intensive, multi-step industrial chemical process, change the natural phenolic compounds into synthetic quaternary ammonium compounds (does this sound natural to you?). Typically, in chemical synthesis of this type, chemical reagents and catalysts are used under extreme high heat and pressure or vacuum. Synthetic ammonium chloride is one of the chemical catalysts used in this process. So, first all, Grapefruit Seed Extract is not “natural”. It’s a chemically altered form of grapefruit seed. If you’re going to call it Grapefruit Seed Extract, you could by the same reasoning call Sodium Laurel Sulfate Coconut Oil Extract. Secondly, studies done on GSE have found that while it may be mildly preserving, it appears to be due to trace contaminants, rather than the GSE itself. A handmade Grapefruit Seed Extract that was not tainted with other chemicals showed zero preservative qualities. Here is one report from the Institute of Pharmacy, Ernst Moritz Arndt University, Greifswald, Germany:

“The antimicrobial efficacy as well as the content of preservative agents of six commercially grapefruit seed extracts were examined. Five of the six extracts showed a high growth-inhibiting activity against the test germs. In all of the antimicrobial active grapefruit seed extracts, the preservative benzethonium chloride was detected by thin layer chromatography. Additionally, three extracts contained the preserving substances triclosan and methyl paraben. In only one of the grapefruit seed extracts tested no preservative agent was found. However, with this extract as well as with several self-made extracts from seed and juiceless pulp of grapefruits (Citrus paradisi), no antimicrobial activity could be detected. Thus, it is concluded that the potent as well as nearly universal antimicrobial activity being attributed to grapefruit seed extract is merely due to the synthetic preservative agents contained within. Natural products with antimicrobial activity do not appear to be present.”

Alternative Natural Preservative #2- Essential Oils
“Essential Oils will work as preservatives”: 

While it is true that some essential oils have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, the quantity needed to effectively preserve a water containing product would be at unsafe levels. Care needs to be taken when using essential oils.  They can help keep oil based products from going rancid.  But, in water containing products, they're mildly effective, at best.

Alternative Natural Preservative #3- Potassium Sorbate
“Potassium Sorbate is an all-natural preservative”: 

While potassium sorbate can effectively preserve against mold and yeast, it is not useful for protecting from bacteria. It is not at all effective in products with a pH over 6, which most lotions are. While potassium sorbate is found in nature, any available today would have been synthetically made so it is not all-natural. It is also believed to cause contact dermatitis (skin irritation).

Alternative Natural Preservative #4- Vitamins
“Vitamins A, C & E are great for preserving all kind of things and they’re good for you”

Vitamins A, C and E can extend the shelf life of products by preventing oxidation and by slowing the growth of certain bacteria. And, they are good for you. Vitamin E in particular is great for keeping oil from going rancid.  We do use Vitamin E, as a preservative, in our oil based products. But, these vitamins are not effective as broad-spectrum preservatives and cannot replace other preservatives in all products.  Think about this. Orange juice is loaded with Vitamin C. But, would you want to drink a glass that was left in your bathroom for a couple of months?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dee's Butternut Mabon Soup

So, last night really felt like the first night of Fall/ Mabon. It was crispy outside and I felt a little chill in my old bones. My Wizard was in the garden harvesting, and he walks in with this beautiful basket with a few Butternut squash and tomatillos. Hummm, so I thought, that sounds good for dinner, a nice hearty bowl of Butternut soup, but at the same time, I was craving a little spicy mexican flavor. So, why not try something different and see what happens,.....and so I did.
Wow, to my surprise, it turned out absolutely worth writing this recipe to share with all of you. Delicious, and guess what.... no meat or chicken needed, how about that ???... healthy on top of it, well that's up to you, lol. 
So here we go, I know the list seams long but it's mostly spices, once you get it all chopped up is a breeze and a great meal for 4 adults, a couple of kitties and second servings.


3 Tbsp. Olive or Coconut Oil
3 Tbsp. Butter or Margarine
2 large onions chopped 
2 Celery stalks cleaned chopped 
3 carrots peeled and chopped
6 cloves of garlic minced
1 1/2 tbsp of ground cumin
1 tbsp Turmeric
1 tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Black Pepper
4 sprigs of fresh Thyme 
(tie Thyme and Bay Leaves together with cooking twine, for easy removal later)
2 Bay leaves 
2 tbsp chopped fresh Parsley
5 tbsp of fresh chopped Cilantro
3 small or 2 large Butternut-squash 
(washed, chopped in small squares with skin no seeds)
1 small can of Chipotle Chilies Adobo style. 
(use only 2 chilies with the sauce, freeze the rest for future use)
10 small green tomatillos (the size of a half dollar or 5 larger ones) washes and cut in half.
5 Knorr tomato Bouillon cubes or 5 tbsp of vegetable base Bouillon mixed with 8 cups of boiling water. 
(or use 1/2 of each, I love the Tomato/chicken one, it has great flavor)
1 cup of Almond milk "or" 1 package of softened cream cheese, "or" one cup of reg. milk your choice on the waist line. 😉
1 bunch of cilantro stems and all (about 10)
1 can of corn (rinsed)
1 can on black beans (rinsed and optional)
Corn tortilla chips (optional garnish)
Shredded monterrey & cheddar cheese  (optional garnish)
Sour cream (optional garnish)

Melt the oils with the margarine (or Butter) together. Add onions and caramelize for about 10 minutes. Add the next 11 ingredients and sauté for about 10 more minutes. Add Butternut, Chipotles and tomatillos and sauté to coat all flavors together. Add the Bouillon broth to the pot, cover and simmer for about 35 minutes. Taste it and see if it needs more spices, (salt, pepper, Chipotles), if it does, wait and add them to the blender. You can now remove the little Thyme and Bay leaf bundle and discard it.
Time to blend. I like to spoon all my veggies out of the soup pot and into the blender (or food processor), this way, I have more control on what goes in. I blend about 3/4 of my cooked veggies, so I still have a few chunks left in the soup. Put your veggies in the blender (with just a little bit of the stock), add whatever more spices you think you may need, add the cilantro stems and your choice of milk or cream cheese and blend really good. Add this back into your soup pot and add the can of corn and beans. Allow it to simmer about 15 or 20 more minutes, and serve in soup bowls and garnish with tortilla chips, a little bit of shredded monterrey and cheddar cheese mix, a tsp. of sour cream a couple of cilantro leaves and dig in. Your wont be sorry! 

You can make this Vegan, Vegetarian or regular, it's your choice, as well as making it scrumptious and fattening (for once in a blue moon) or light and still absolutely delightful, either way, I'm sure you'll love it. 
May our Universe and beautiful Mother Earth always provide us with a plentiful harvest, Blessed be.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

DEE’S Comfort French Onion Soup



4 large onions thinly slices in half moons
1 lg. leek thinly sliced (or 10 green onions)
1/2 cup of Butter, 1 cube (or margarine)
7 cloves of minced garlic
3 to 4 fresh sprigs of thyme 
(tied together with cooking twine)
3 bay leaves
1 tsp fresh black pepper
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp of flour
1/2 bottle of good red wine
2 boxes of beef broth 
(Trader Joe’s has the best) 
Substitute with vegetable broth for vegetarian/Vegan version

Sliced Rye or French bread, sliced about 1/2” thick and toasted in the oven with a little olive oil brushed on top. Day old bread works wonderful also.

1/2 lb. of grated Gruyere cheese 
(or shredded Monterrey and Italian mix together, I really liked this combination better)

1 shot of Brandy mixed in 5 minutes before putting the soup into the dishes and the broiler, or Courvoisier Cognac is even better if available. Optional

Sauté all onions and garlic with Thyme, salt, Black pepper, and Bay Leaves on medium high until they start caramelizing, about 30 to 35 minutes, keeping an eye so they don’t burn. Add 1 tbsp sugar and mix well and cook for another 5 minutes to help caramelize the onions. Add red wine and allow it to evaporate. Remove bay leaves and Thyme and discard. Turn heat down to medium and sprinkle flour mixing well, and slowly start adding broth. Cover and simmer for 45 minutes. 

Taste and add salt if needed. Turn off and add a shot of Brandy or Courvoisier Cognac at this time, this step is optional, but it gives it a very elegant rich taste, great if you have guests during the holidays.

Ladle your soup into oven safe bowls, place toasted bread on top and sprinkle cheese.
Place 3 or 4 bowls in a cookie sheet (I could only fit 3 at a time) and put in a low setting broiler keeping an eye on it, about 4 minutes. Pull out when cheese is melted, bubbling and serve immediately.

Thursday, August 15, 2013



For the liquid soap, use 1/2 cup for heavy loads and 1/4 cup for normal loads. This laundry soap is great for HE washers and will not make suds, but remember, suds doesn't mean it’s cleaning your laundry. My clothes have never been cleaner and smelled better. Your cost per load is about .04 cents or less. Your total cost for all the materials purchased, (including your left over Borax etc..) is approximately $12 to $13 max, and this can make about 570 loads of laundry if done correctly(sometimes more). You can cut the recipe in half to make smaller quantities. Happy laundry day to you all!!!

Supplies needed for 3 gallons of Liquid Soap:

1 Fels-Naptha bar of soap grated (or your favorite soap, Fels is great for tough stains)
1 gallon of water
1 Cup - Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (I get the 3 lb. box)
1 Cup Borax Detergent Boost (get the 4 lb. box)

2 gallons of water (Recipe call for 3 gallons. total)

1 large pot (that will holds at least 2 gallons)

1 wooden spatula

Cheese grater
50 drops of Essential Oil or fragrance of your liking (I use my own mix of Fool Moon & Kiwi Scent)
1 - 5 gallon bucket to mix soap
4- 1 gallon containers ( I use 1/2 gallons for storage convenience)
Labels (optional)

Prepare your ingredients and have them ready before you star, it’s a lot faster.

Grate your soap..... (you can use any of your favorite soaps, but this one makes a difference)

Place grated soap in a large pot and cover with the 1 gallon of water. Cook on medium until soap dissolves (stirring occasionally).

When dissolved, pour 1 more gallon of water in your mix and add the Borax and Washing Soda. Mix with the wooden spoon and bring to a boil.

Turn stove off and add Essential Oils or Fragrance. Pour mix onto the 5 gallon bucket and add your 3rd gallon of cold water. (If your pot is big enough to hold all 3 gallons and you can handle the weight, by all means leave it in the pot to cool.) Mix well and let it cool completely. Your soap will gel some, If you like it with a lighter consistency, add more hot water (not to much).

I personally take the time to blend my soap with a high speed blender or stick blender (in small batches). I do this the next day when it’s completely cool and has gelled. It also makes it easier for me to pour into my smaller 1/2 gallon containers without having to pick up the 5 gallon bucket. You can leave it in your 5 gallon bucket or you can recycle your old laundry soap containers as well. If you choose to do so, you will need a good funnel to pour the soap in.

Use 1 cup for heavy loads and 1/2 cup for a normal loads. This laundry soap is great for HE washers and will not make suds, but remember, suds doesn't mean it’s cleaning your laundry. My clothes have never been cleaner and smelled better. Shake your soap container each time before using to ensure ingredients are well mixed.

For me,.. it's easier to handle the smaller containers in the laundry room. I put the others in the garage.



I get my Vinegar at Costco, the conditioner is usually about $1 but I always find coupons. Last time It was 2 for $1 at Target. The fragrance is optional if you like a stronger aroma, I only add about 30 drops to my full batch and its perfect. The Wizard likes the green apple fragrance, so I alternate between that and Kiwi. Remember that the conditioner already has hit's own fragrance so you are just enhancing it.  You will only need 2 tbsp per load or 4 for a large load. 4 tbsp =1/4 cup. If I did my calculations correctly, using 2 tbsp comes to about 2 cents per load, so about 2.40 per gallon. Don't quote on this my math is horrible, but it's as close as I could get.

4 cups of water
2 cups of white vinegar
1 1/2 cups of hair conditioner (20 OZ) 
1 tbsp. essential oil or fragrance of your choice.

Heat the water and add it to a large bowl with the vinegar and conditioner. Blend with stick blender until smooth.

Add you fragrance and give it one more quick stir.

Add your mixture to recyclable containers and allow it to cool before you close the top.
I save my fabric softener containers wash them and reuse them. It helps the earth.

And then there's the:
 Heavy Duty Powdered Laundry Soap

One of my favorites, specially for the husbands construction work cloths.  This will really do the job and leave you cloths nice & white and smelling fantastic.  I got this recipe from Aprons & Pearls a while back and it's definitely a keeper. I am so done with commercial chemicals and the damage it can cause, and not only that, but can sure save a pretty penny, specially with a large family. This is a highly concentrated laundry soap, so I only recommend using small amounts, like 2 tbsp for a normal load and 3 for a heavy load. Trust me it does the job. Add the soap directly into the washer, you don't have to use the soap compartment. I also add 1/2 cup of white Vinegar to my Downy ball and toss it in (or in the fabric softener compartment). The Vinegar helps dissolve the extra detergent and salt that Oxi-Clean  has,  and it levels the PH for an even more skin friendlier detergent.

INGREDIENTS NEEDED: (Walmart has all of these)

4 bars of ZOTE or Fels Naptha Laundry Soap (I use 2 large bars of ZOTE= 4 small) 2 for 0.99 cents + $2
1- 4lb Box of Arm And Hammer Baking Soda $2.99
1- 4 lb box 20 Mule Team Borax $3.50
1- 3 lb box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda $3.50
1- 3 lb of Oxi Clean $2.99
2- containers of Downy UnStopables (your choice on scent) $3
1 large trash bag
1 5 gallon Bucket for storage
1- 1gl container for every day use (I use a Tupperware)
Cheese grater or Food Processor 

I used the Food Processor to grate the soap, it was much faster. Use the small shredder blade.

Place all dry ingredients in the trash bag and add the shredded soap. Twist or tie a knot on the bag and mix, mix, mix. I like just tossing the bag back and forth etc. Just be careful to not tear a hole on the bag. Once all mixed, pour it into you 5 gallon bucket and label it. I put about 10 full cups of the mixed detergent in my small Tupperware container for easy access in the laundry room, and refill it when needed.

And there you go, my friends, you are all done. Talk about easy.
Your whites will be whiter, you'll save a fortune, no unwanted extra chemicals, smells fantastic,  and fresh, and it works on HE washers.
I spent about $18 total. I am no mathematician, but I tried calculating what the cost would be for 1 load of laundry, verses a commercial soap. My calculations tell me it's about 0.03 cents per tablespoon, which, if we're using 2 Tbsp. for a regular load it would be 0.06 cents per load, verses (example)  Tide with Bleach powder 267 ounce detergent – $20.32 – 95 loads = $0.21 per load
After using this soap, I don't think you'll ever go back to store bought again.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Organic Aromatherapy Soy Massage Candles
ON SALE 4 oz $8.00 + s/h ****** 6 oz $9.50 + s/h

Order from our  shop:
or our Etsy shop:

HOT SOY WAX ON MY SKIN????? Why not???
Today, soy is used in just about everything, skin products, candles, food, etc. 
Soy wax comes from soybean oil. After the soybean oil has been processed it becomes partially-hydrogenated, which forms the wax. It is rich in vitamin E and easily absorbed by the skin, providing you with wonderful moisturizing and therapeutic benefits. It’s an excellent aid for such conditions as Psoriasis, Eczema, rough dry cracked skin, painful muscles, Stress, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and other ailments. So, is my Soy wax Organic? yup, it is called EcoSoya,and it's as organic as possible, considering that it is very difficult to get, and the prices are not low.  EcoSoya waxes are made using soy beans exclusively from U.S. farmers, it’s a renewable resource, environmentally friendly, Vegan, GMO FREE, Kosher, Certified, and cruelty free. It does not stain. What else should you know about a  massage candles??
  • Soy candles burn longer, cleaner, cooler, are non toxic and non-carcinogenic, depending on where you get them. Read your labels.
  • Soy candles are 100 % natural and made with moisturizing natural additives like Vitamin E, Mango & Shea butters.
  • Soy holds scent better and only the finest Organic Essential Oils are used. We will not use Fragrance oils unless custom ordered by you. Example, men love "Apple Crisp" sweet, fresh and crispy or "Axe" leathery, musky & earthy with notes of citrus.
  • Soy is free of Beeswax, Petroleum, Paraffin and is made with 100% natural cotton wick (no dangerous led).
  • Soy wax melting point is very low and there’s no danger of burning the skin. 
  • Use it as a regular candle and enjoy the synergy of pure Organic Essential Oils, or/and use it as a moisturizer and to aid with sore joints and muscles.

Your choice of scent and size
4 oz $9.50 + s/h ****** 6 oz $11.50 + s/h

Immune Booster: To aid in fighting stomach viral infections, cold, flu, congestions etc. Rub on chest front, back and always the soles of the feet. If stomach is associated, rub clockwise on the stomach. Not to be used during pregnancy or on children under 12.  Organic EO’s of Bergamot, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Peppermint & Black Pepper. Vitamin E oil & Mango Butter. 

Aches be Gone:  (original Holistic Touch formula)To aid with circulation, inflammation, pain, Spasms, Sprains, Arthritis. Not to be applied on open skin or sensitive areas. Not to be used during pregnancy or on children under 12. Organic EO’s of:Lavender, Camphor, Wintergreen, Peppermint, Chamomile, Patchouli, Clove, Helichrysum & Black Pepper. Vitamin E oil, Mango Butter & Arnica oil infusion.

Thieves be Gone: When everyday life robs your healthy immune system, this is one massage candle you want to keep around. It will aid in fighting airborne viruses, colds and the flu. Rub on chest front, back and always the soles of the feet. It aids in fighting pneumonia, bronchitis, spreading illness and improving circulation. Not to be used during pregnancy or on children under 12. Organic Essential Oils of: Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary, Clove Bud, Bergamot & Cinnamon Bark. Coconut oil, Mango Butter, Vitamin E oil.
House spray with same combination also available.

Serenity Vortex: To aid with stress, anxiety, tension, worry, fear, depression, burn-out, fatigue, and headaches. Not only you can experience the benefit of this lingering Aromatherapy scent as a candle, but also as a hot massage oil. Rub small amounts on shoulder, neck, temples (being careful to avoid the eyes), and the soles of the feet. Avoid the sun after applying this product citrus oils can cause photo toxicity. Organic EO’s of: Basil, Lavender, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Tangerine, 10x Orange, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Patchouli & Frankincense.

Instructions: Initially, burn your candle for about 30 minutes. Blow out the flame and allow it to cool for about 1 minute. Using the corner of your square tin or saucer container, pour a little bit directly onto your hand and proceed with massage as you would with any other oil. Remember to use sparingly, a little goes a long ways.  

  • Always use safely precautions when burning candles and extinguish flame if walking away.
  • Massage Candles have a higher amount of oils making them more flammable, so more caution is needed.
  • Do not burn candles (even in holders) directly on furniture.
  • Never leave a lit candle unattended or close to flammable objects 
  • Keep candles away from children and pets.
  • Always trim wicks to  1/4 inch, each time before burning, it will prevent it from sooting and smoking.
  • Burn candles on sturdy, stable, flat , leveled surfaces and keep away from drafts, vents and fans. Not only in will burn your candle more even, but it will last longer and  your drapes won’t catch on fire.
  • Avoid moving a lit, hot candle container for danger of burning yourself.

TIP OF THE DAY: I always recommend taking a hot bath with 4 lbs (yes, 4 pounds, is what really works) of Epson salts, when you are in a lot of body pain, from a heavy workout, fibromyalgia, arthritis or any of these bothersome painful ailments. Getting a massage with these candles, right after this bath is like stepping into a different world. When you’re done, I highly recommend following this with a little nap.

Disclaimer for all products: These products are based from the original formulas of “Holistic Touch” and have been exceptionally improved. We have repeatedly tested all of our products for many years on ourselves, clients, friends, family and never on animals. These product have not been evaluated by the FDA and, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.  This candle is not a replacement for medical care. If you have a serious health problem, we recommend that you consult your Physician before deciding on any course of self treatment. We pride ourselves in making small batches of homemade quality products, some, passed on to us from our ancestors, with a focus on Organic Clinical Aromatherapy and Organic ingredients, which help restore balance to our earth, body, and mind. Our products are free of Petrochemicals, Parabens, Phthalates, and they are Vegan & Cruelty Free.  As an added bonus, they have been empowered by the moon, with the good intent of cleansing , purifying and bringing positive energy and healing.  By you purchasing our product, you agree that you are 18 years or older, you have read all ingredients involved in the product being purchased,  released us from any liability  and you have read our disclaimer.  
ALLERGY WARNING: Please NOTE, some of our products including massage candles, may contain Shea Butter, Almond oil and Sesame Seed oils. Do not use if you known you have allergies to any nut products. Discontinue use of this product if you develop a rash.

May you always be Blessed with good health. 
The Magic Wizard and The Wacky Broomstick. 
Made in the USA