Thursday, August 15, 2013



For the liquid soap, use 1/2 cup for heavy loads and 1/4 cup for normal loads. This laundry soap is great for HE washers and will not make suds, but remember, suds doesn't mean it’s cleaning your laundry. My clothes have never been cleaner and smelled better. Your cost per load is about .04 cents or less. Your total cost for all the materials purchased, (including your left over Borax etc..) is approximately $12 to $13 max, and this can make about 570 loads of laundry if done correctly(sometimes more). You can cut the recipe in half to make smaller quantities. Happy laundry day to you all!!!

Supplies needed for 3 gallons of Liquid Soap:

1 Fels-Naptha bar of soap grated (or your favorite soap, Fels is great for tough stains)
1 gallon of water
1 Cup - Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (I get the 3 lb. box)
1 Cup Borax Detergent Boost (get the 4 lb. box)

2 gallons of water (Recipe call for 3 gallons. total)

1 large pot (that will holds at least 2 gallons)

1 wooden spatula

Cheese grater
50 drops of Essential Oil or fragrance of your liking (I use my own mix of Fool Moon & Kiwi Scent)
1 - 5 gallon bucket to mix soap
4- 1 gallon containers ( I use 1/2 gallons for storage convenience)
Labels (optional)

Prepare your ingredients and have them ready before you star, it’s a lot faster.

Grate your soap..... (you can use any of your favorite soaps, but this one makes a difference)

Place grated soap in a large pot and cover with the 1 gallon of water. Cook on medium until soap dissolves (stirring occasionally).

When dissolved, pour 1 more gallon of water in your mix and add the Borax and Washing Soda. Mix with the wooden spoon and bring to a boil.

Turn stove off and add Essential Oils or Fragrance. Pour mix onto the 5 gallon bucket and add your 3rd gallon of cold water. (If your pot is big enough to hold all 3 gallons and you can handle the weight, by all means leave it in the pot to cool.) Mix well and let it cool completely. Your soap will gel some, If you like it with a lighter consistency, add more hot water (not to much).

I personally take the time to blend my soap with a high speed blender or stick blender (in small batches). I do this the next day when it’s completely cool and has gelled. It also makes it easier for me to pour into my smaller 1/2 gallon containers without having to pick up the 5 gallon bucket. You can leave it in your 5 gallon bucket or you can recycle your old laundry soap containers as well. If you choose to do so, you will need a good funnel to pour the soap in.

Use 1 cup for heavy loads and 1/2 cup for a normal loads. This laundry soap is great for HE washers and will not make suds, but remember, suds doesn't mean it’s cleaning your laundry. My clothes have never been cleaner and smelled better. Shake your soap container each time before using to ensure ingredients are well mixed.

For me,.. it's easier to handle the smaller containers in the laundry room. I put the others in the garage.



I get my Vinegar at Costco, the conditioner is usually about $1 but I always find coupons. Last time It was 2 for $1 at Target. The fragrance is optional if you like a stronger aroma, I only add about 30 drops to my full batch and its perfect. The Wizard likes the green apple fragrance, so I alternate between that and Kiwi. Remember that the conditioner already has hit's own fragrance so you are just enhancing it.  You will only need 2 tbsp per load or 4 for a large load. 4 tbsp =1/4 cup. If I did my calculations correctly, using 2 tbsp comes to about 2 cents per load, so about 2.40 per gallon. Don't quote on this my math is horrible, but it's as close as I could get.

4 cups of water
2 cups of white vinegar
1 1/2 cups of hair conditioner (20 OZ) 
1 tbsp. essential oil or fragrance of your choice.

Heat the water and add it to a large bowl with the vinegar and conditioner. Blend with stick blender until smooth.

Add you fragrance and give it one more quick stir.

Add your mixture to recyclable containers and allow it to cool before you close the top.
I save my fabric softener containers wash them and reuse them. It helps the earth.

And then there's the:
 Heavy Duty Powdered Laundry Soap

One of my favorites, specially for the husbands construction work cloths.  This will really do the job and leave you cloths nice & white and smelling fantastic.  I got this recipe from Aprons & Pearls a while back and it's definitely a keeper. I am so done with commercial chemicals and the damage it can cause, and not only that, but can sure save a pretty penny, specially with a large family. This is a highly concentrated laundry soap, so I only recommend using small amounts, like 2 tbsp for a normal load and 3 for a heavy load. Trust me it does the job. Add the soap directly into the washer, you don't have to use the soap compartment. I also add 1/2 cup of white Vinegar to my Downy ball and toss it in (or in the fabric softener compartment). The Vinegar helps dissolve the extra detergent and salt that Oxi-Clean  has,  and it levels the PH for an even more skin friendlier detergent.

INGREDIENTS NEEDED: (Walmart has all of these)

4 bars of ZOTE or Fels Naptha Laundry Soap (I use 2 large bars of ZOTE= 4 small) 2 for 0.99 cents + $2
1- 4lb Box of Arm And Hammer Baking Soda $2.99
1- 4 lb box 20 Mule Team Borax $3.50
1- 3 lb box of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda $3.50
1- 3 lb of Oxi Clean $2.99
2- containers of Downy UnStopables (your choice on scent) $3
1 large trash bag
1 5 gallon Bucket for storage
1- 1gl container for every day use (I use a Tupperware)
Cheese grater or Food Processor 

I used the Food Processor to grate the soap, it was much faster. Use the small shredder blade.

Place all dry ingredients in the trash bag and add the shredded soap. Twist or tie a knot on the bag and mix, mix, mix. I like just tossing the bag back and forth etc. Just be careful to not tear a hole on the bag. Once all mixed, pour it into you 5 gallon bucket and label it. I put about 10 full cups of the mixed detergent in my small Tupperware container for easy access in the laundry room, and refill it when needed.

And there you go, my friends, you are all done. Talk about easy.
Your whites will be whiter, you'll save a fortune, no unwanted extra chemicals, smells fantastic,  and fresh, and it works on HE washers.
I spent about $18 total. I am no mathematician, but I tried calculating what the cost would be for 1 load of laundry, verses a commercial soap. My calculations tell me it's about 0.03 cents per tablespoon, which, if we're using 2 Tbsp. for a regular load it would be 0.06 cents per load, verses (example)  Tide with Bleach powder 267 ounce detergent – $20.32 – 95 loads = $0.21 per load
After using this soap, I don't think you'll ever go back to store bought again.