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SansȂge Anti-Wrinkle Skin Care Line

Well, here we go.....
I kept putting this off saying tomorrow, tomorrow and 15 years later and a lot of improvements from the original recipe, I have finally come up with the purrrrfect combination of ingredients for my skin. The original name for this way back when, was going to be Kiss my Face, but unfortunately, that names was taken, so my second choice was SansȂge, meaning ageless.
I use to have normal, plush beautiful skin for most of my life. I'm guessing I inherited it from my granny & moms good genes. 
Well shoot,.. then, I decided to have a massive heart attack and die in 2010. 
Let me tell you,.. my life changed in more ways than one. Yes, I'm still here due to the wonderful efforts of the paramedics, that brought me back after many tries. Then, during surgery, I decided the heart attack ("The Widow Maker"), was not enough, so I had a minor stroke to top that.
Why am I talking about this and skin??? well, because as a professional, it really demoralized me to see the drastic change in my skin, hair and nails and I refused to look at myself in the mirror for a while. Yes, it was pretty bad. First of all, I wrinkled like there was no tomorrow. I literary aged 20 years in one day, and I'm not kidding. Then came the problem with the advanced Sjogren's and Lupus, which naturally dries up your skin.

Well, isn't this just peachy! 

The result was, that not only I lost half of my hair, but my skin really took an ugly turn. Even the doctors gave me some expensive prescription cream, that cost like $280 a month, which was suppose to hydrate my face. I was using that small tube in less than 2 weeks, because I had to keep applying it over and over, to diminish my discomfort. I tell you, it was like using that waterproof diaper ointment, it was sticky, thick and not easy to remove. 
Nothing worked, so then, I decided to start again with my granny's recipe from scratch, and started adding other organic herbal extracts, botanicals, organic Essential oils,etc... and BINGO!, I found one that seemed to really like my skin. To my surprise, I didn't have to apply it 6 times a day, but only once in the morning and once in the evening. Today, I only do it once.
Well? I'm sure you are curious if I look 20 again? LOL
Nope, such luck. If that was the case, I would be filthy rich, being that I've passed the 50 mark and I am a proud Crone, but my skin has improved by 50% even after going thru all I did.

In the old days, my grandma made this out of pure cow's milk, (yes pure no pasteurization), and added other ingredients like, glycerin, almond milk, Cocoa butter, citruses, sugar, etc..etc..(no preservatives, all natural). I still remember the distinct smell of her lovely lotion, when I would kiss her soft cheek, this is why I had come up with the name "kiss my face". Her skin was like silk and even when she passed on at 86 years old, she had no wrinkles. Friends and family begged her to patent her recipe, so they can have easy access to purchasing it, but she never did. Instead she made it and gave it away as gifts. Today she would be rich if she had done something about it, being that a couple of her ingredients are now part of the well known Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA). Some of her ingredients were glycol (sugar cane), lactic acid (milk), which fall into the AHA category, as so many of us are familiar with.

I have turned and twisted her recipe to make it safe and more suitable for everyone to use, and this one has no lactic acid, but other wonderful ingredients. 
Does it have preservatives?? yes indeed it does.
Why,.. when I'm into the "natural stuff"? because unless you're making it at home yourself, and keeping it refrigerated for up to only 1 week, you have the "Ugly" dangers of it growing mold and who knows what other alien creatures. I don't think you would want that anywhere near your face or body.

So, after all these years, I've created what I think is the perfect recipe. It's a potent, pure, rich and effective anti aging wrinkle treatment for all skin types. It's filled with the most advanced clinically proven ingredients available.  It aids with restoring firmness, sun damage, increases hydration, diminishes wrinkles, smooths texture, nourishes, minimizes irritation, increases skin brightness and evens out skin tone. Fantastic effective results, good for for all ages and skin types.
It doesn't end there, I also made the perfect soap for the face, an Oxygen Berry Scrub, a Toner made with top quality Hydrosols, not flower waters (never skip this step), the Anti-Wrinkle Serum and even an under eye liquid gold oil to apply at nighttime. 
So yes, finally I got it all together and I am almost ready to put it up for sale on Etsy.
I am now working on the packaging and I've decided for nothing fancy, because it adds to the price. I don't believe in breaking peoples pockets to get rich, and I've always been this way with my products, (hint as to why I'm poor,lol). 
My goal is to move the product so it doesn't sit on the shelf, and that it's fairly priced so anyone interested can give it a try.
These have all been tested by family and friends, never on animals. 
A wee bit goes a long ways, so the saying "Less is More", is definitely a fact here.

How do I use this skin program? Here's a hint.

Steps for Beautiful Skin

Make-Up: Remove your make-up if you have any on. Use a cold cream or Olive oil with a tissue or cotton ball. Be gentle around the eye area.

Cleanse: Using a gentle facial brush or sponge, wash your face daily, with the appropriate cleanser or our natural cold process soap SansȂge (not commercial soaps),morning and night if possible. Never go to bed with your makeup on. If you have a full schedule or are to tired to follow a double regimen, then the evening regimen would make more sense so you can remove your make up. By washing your face, you eliminate the daily pollutants, make-up and other toxins your skin has absorbed during the day. Always use lukewarm water, never hot, it can cause broken capillaries. Use circular, upward motion and rinse. Do not dry yet, follow the next step.

Scrub: Now that your skin is clean and your pores are open, is time to do a little deeper cleaning. Scrubs have tiny beads that help exfoliate dead skin cells, unclog pores, and expose a much  smoother and fresher looking skin. If the cleanser didn't get it, the scrub will. Do not use a harsh scrub that can scratch the surface of the skin. Using SansȂge Oxygen Berry Scrub, apply a small amount to face and neck and work in small circular upward motion, then rinse.

Dry: Gently pat your skin dry, never rub it dry.

Tone: Do Not skip this step. Always a very important step many of us forget. WHY tone? every time we wash our faces, we strip the Acid Mantel from the surface of our skin, leaving it wide open to the elements, debris and infection. Using toner restores the skin’s optimal pH of 5.5 protecting it from the elements, providing anti-aging benefit, reduces redness, soothes irritation, and leaves a fresh canvas for the next step. Apply SansȂge toner lightly by using a cotton pad or spray bottle and let it air dry.

Serums. What are they for? They brighten, diminish lines and wrinkles, tightens large pores, gives your skin a healthy glow and can give you a mini lift. Apply a small amount of SansȂge snit-wrinkle serum,  while your skin is still moist from the toner. Use an upward motion to apply the serum, as you would your moisturizer. The moisturizer locks the serum in place so to speak.

Moisturize The moisturizer is what will protect your skin from all free radicals and will trap moisture and precious products you have applied to your skin so they have time to work their magic.

Wrinkle eye Oil serum Use this before bedtime. Lightly pad the oil around the eyes and wherever you have wrinkles and fine lines. Two to three drops is plenty for the whole face & neck.

NOTE: If it’s time to use a mask (once a week is recommended), make sure to cleanse, scrub and lightly Tone before applying the mask. Tone again after you removed it and before the Serum and moisturizer.

Mask. Use a mask once week. Find the appropriate mask for your skin type, or use a natural mask made from what nature provides us with. Three examples to a great mask: #1 For normal to sensitive skin,use 1 Tbsp. of powdered Oatmeal (Use a coffee grinder) and equal amounts of Yogurt and honey, mix well, apply to your face and leave for 15 minutes. #2 super exfoliator for aging skin, with AHA properties. Liquify some fresh pineapple, apply to your face and leave for 15 minutes, it’s like a professional acid peel only better, not for sensate skin. #3 mini face lift. Good for wrinkles, lightens complexion, closes large pores and oily skin. One egg white beaten till fluffy, 1 tbsp lemon juice & 1 tsp. of honey or yogurt. If you have acne prone skin, add 2 crushed aspirins to this mask. Apply and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse mask with warm water and pad dry

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